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My new project (the one I mentioned forever ago about a woman with social anxiety) is turned in to my publisher. Hooray! Oh, it seems like this book took FOREVER and I’m pretty happy to have it turned in.

What happens next: The book is sent to outside readers, who give an evaluation to my publisher. Then that evaluation is used by a committee to make a decision on the book. They may 1) accept it; 2) accept it but require revisions; 3) ask for revisions before accepting or rejecting it; or 4) reject it outright without an opportunity to resubmit.


The hard part is that this process takes months. I hate waiting.

In the meantime, I do have some fun writerly things coming up. I’m teaching a class at the UVU Book Academy next week…January 26th (contact me for a discount code)…and I’m also teaching at LDStorymakers in May. I love to teach about writing.


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My novel in progress is about a young lady who has severe social anxiety.


She’d definitely like this app.

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