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I’m being interviewed for a podcast on writing today. I’m pretty scared since I’ll have to be spontaneous and that can lead to disaster. I really prefer time to write words out and think them over. Plus I hate my voice.

I’ll let you know when the episode is available–if it’s not completely embarrassing. **blush**



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I’m presenting a workshop a week from Thursday (July 17) on Teaching Yourself to Write.

(Thanks to my pal Marion Jensen for the workshop idea. It’s going to be fun.)

The event will be at the Pleasant Grove Library, 7pm. It’s free and the public is invited. Hope to see ya there!

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The book launch this past Saturday went REALLY WELL, exceeding all expectations. Thank you so much to my dear friends and family who show me so much love and support.

Here’s me and my momsie…she’s the best…


There are still two more chances to come to a book signing for Glimmering. March 29th, 10-noon at the Centerville Seagull bookstore, and April 5th, 6-8pm at the Bountiful Deseret Book (Ladies Night). I would love to see you in person and say hi.

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I got this package in the mail day before yesterday:

2014-03-05 15.42.29

So excited!

Holding the book in my hands was such a surreal but happy moment.

I also learned I am scheduled to sign books at two additional times in connection with General Conference. Yay!

March 29, 10am-noon–the Celebrating Sisterhood event at the Centerville Seagull bookstore

April 5, 6pm-8pm–the Ladies Night event at the Bountiful Deseret Book store

(The book launch is this Saturday, March 15th, 1-3pm.)

I would love to see and greet you at any of these events. Let me know if you require directions or bribery to attend!

Because of my publisher’s new policy, these will likely be the only signings I’ll be doing for this book.

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One of the things people are the most surprised about when they ask me about traditional publishing is that the author doesn’t select the title. The author can SUGGEST a title, and is usually asked to suggest more than one, but ultimately–with most publishers, that is–the title is a marketing decision.

When it was time to pick a name for my first novel, they picked the title for the sequel at the same time. Like this:

The End Begins: Sudden Darkness

The End Begins: Glimmer of Light

Apparently they can also change their minds. They’ve named the sequel The End Begins: Glimmering Light. I don’t like it as well but it’s okay. Best part of all is that the book is turned in and it’s out of my hands. Whew!

I had a little book signing for the Christmas anthology (With Wondering Awe) that I’m a part of. Krista Jensen was there with me and it was way fun. One of the favorite parts was meeting an internet friend in real life…Annette Jensen, who drove all the way down from Tremonton to meet me. I was so touched.

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On Friday I will do something I’ve dreamed of for years.

I was asked this morning to speak to two Creative Writing classes at Viewmont High School. Eeee! Nervous but excited. Now how do I figure out the right things to say for NINETY MINUTES each? Yikes.

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I have book signings for my new novel, Sudden Darkness, each Saturday until Christmas.

Dec. 1, Orem University Seagull, 11-2pm

Dec. 8, Layton Seagull, 11-2pm

Dec. 15, Redwood Seagull, 11-2pm

Dec. 22, Brickyard Seagull, 11-2pm

I’d love to see you! Let me know if you need directions.

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Next weekend, I’m going on my first book signing road trip. I’m traveling to Kennewick, Washington and then on to Seattle.

Saturday, November 17, 1-3pm, at Far West Books, 8508 W. Gage Blvd. ,# A-101, Kennewick, (509) 735-1402.

Same day, 7-9pm, Seattle Deseret Book (right by the temple)

Sunday, November 18, my husband and I are doing a fireside in Bellevue. He’s in the Tabernacle Choir and will talk about some of his experiences. I’ll chime in, without promoting my book because, ew.

Should be fun! I can’t wait to see old friends (I grew up in the Kennewick area) and meet new ones. There’s a nice feeling of Full Circle, since the road between Utah and Washington plays a huge role in my book.

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Thank you so much to all my fantastic family and friends for making my first book launch so fun!

The support meant so much to me and I gotta say, today just made it onto my list called

“Best Days Ever.”

The fact that the bookstore manager told me I sold way more books than she’d ever seen in her eight years of employment was extra awesome.

**big cheesy grin**

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Tomorrow is my book launch!

Seagull Book in Centerville (316 N Market Place Dr, by Target)


I’d love to see you there. Treats! Bookish hobnobbery!

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