My scribbles:

Sudden Darkness, an LDS YA, was published by Covenant Communications in 2012.

The sequel, Glimmering Light, was published by Covenant in March 2014.

I’m a part of three anthologies of true stories, also published by Covenant. Two Christmas ones: With Wondering Awe and Remembering the Joy of Christmas.  The Mothers Day collection is entitled A Mother’s Prayer.

My books are available at Seagull Book, Deseret Book, and Amazon.

My firstborn, The Sower, was submitted to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest and survived three rounds of cuts, in spite of its unfinishedness. This means it made it into the top 50 our of 5000. Although it didn’t win, I’m pretty happy about how well it did. I’m looking for just the right agent for it while I put on the finishing touches.

I also enjoy writing freelance articles for the Deseret News–mostly book reviews.