If you are a writer and you live in Utah, have you considered joining Deseret Connect? That’s the fancy name for freelancing for the Deseret News, and that’s how I snag these fun book review assignments. I had one in the Sunday paper, Arts section yesterday.

New book tells of great S.L walks

It’s good experience and gets me reading out of my usual same-old-same-old. You see, they won’t allow me to review anything that is

1. by a friend

2. published by Covenant

3. a YA book

4. any book in which my own book might be in competition with

These rules are to keep away from a possible conflict of interest. Good idea, but sometimes it really makes me giggle. Like for example, if a YA book by Orson Scott Card came out, I wouldn’t be allowed to review it because our books “compete” in the same market. HAHAHA!!!! As if they could even be spoken of in the same breath.

Anyway, get a hold of me if you’d like info on doing some freelancing of your own for the newspaper. You don’t have to do book reviews…they have all sorts of categories, and you can always come up with your own article ideas and submit them for consideration. Fun!