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I got my first ever-in-my-life editorial letter.

What that is: when a book is put under contract, it is assigned an editor. The first thing that editor does (when finally given the go-ahead to begin work) is to read the thing, making comments in the manuscript as they go. Then they write a letter summarizing the changes they want, and send it back to the author. It’s been nearly two years since my book was accepted. It’s finally my turn.

I’ve heard a lot about these letters. Sometimes they can be heartbreaking. Often the editors ask for painful changes and cuts. So I was pretty nervous/excited to read what someone would have to say about my writing–someone who is not a friend or relative, but would be looking at it with a cold eye.

I was happy that there were not any huge changes requested. I can live with them all. Besides a boatload of comma errors (!!!  Me?? !!!) there were some logic things, stuff I’d accidentally repeated, stuff that wasn’t clear enough. Junk like that. She changed a few lines that I thought were indicative of Amelie’s unique voice but I can bear to let them go if I have to.

She’s asked me to add some additional struggles for these folks. Can do. I’m experienced at making my characters hurt.

Overall, I’m very relieved.

She did change the very last line. I loved it the way it was. It was so Amelie. Out of all the changes she’s asked for, that’s the one I feel the saddest about…and it’s one little line. Maybe I can think of a better one we both like…

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“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

– Albert Camus

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Tristi Pinkston has a new book for women on how to become proactive and strong with your money. Check out this way cute video:

(My blogging juju failed to embed the video directly, but please do click over.)

I enjoyed this book. Written in conversations between Tristi and her financial gurus, women can find plenty to relate to. I applaud her gutsy honesty–the numbers used are her actual financials. Fans will be able to continue to track her progress toward her financial goals by going to the above website.

Most things in the book sound like good old common sense. I’m a HUGE Dave Ramsey fan, so I immediately recognized the debt reduction plan in the book as his “Debt Snowball.” Many other money counselors have recommended the same plan. Hey, it works. It’s the best.

Tristi is offering this book FREE until June 15–all you have to do is cover the shipping and handling.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find out the mom of my son’s good friend just had a book come out.

Kate’s Song, by Jennifer Beckstrand, is an Amish romance. I confess, I’m not a romance reader, so I wasn’t aware this has become a popular subgenre. Well, I can see why. It’s clean, gentle, and heartwarming. Sort of like Amish people.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Amish. I suppose I envy them–their peaceful existence, their devotion. In the clamor of real life, it was nice to pick up this book and go somewhere quiet.

That’s not to say the book has no tension or conflict. It’s there. But it’s more along the lines of “will they discover they both love each other despite the twists of fate” rather than bruised lips, heavy breathing and bodice ripping.

Of course it’s not gritty reality. Some books serve a different purpose.

Kate’s Song is well written and edited, published by Summerside Press. Two more Amish romances are on the way.

More information can be found at Jennifer’s website:

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