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Oh Calvin! I miss you. After all, we think so much alike.

I think I’ll go hang out in the sandbox for a while and wait for inspiration.



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I’m speaking to the Bountiful League of Utah Writers this coming Tuesday, April 17. Topic: outlining.

I’m hoping to show that you don’t have to choose to be either an “outliner” or a “pantser” (discovery writer). There’s advantages to both, so why not cherry-pick from both writing styles for a great result?

I’m going to talk about different outlining methods. There are many. Hopefully, attendees will find something they’d like to try and will be a benefit to their writing.

The public is welcome. It’s going to be held in the downstairs meeting room of the Bountiful library at 7pm. Maybe all those books surrounding me will give me some good vibes. I could use that–I’m pretty scared.

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Somehow I need to regain my burn to write.

No one can do this for me. I need to do it for myself. As shown.

credit: bent objects

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