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“Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar.” – E.B. White


I’m on a writing retreat this week, taking a leap of faith.

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What do you think of the new practice of filming book trailers? Those film snippets about an upcoming book, styled like a movie trailer?

I like. I like them because they take advantage of modern tech to promote reading. I’ve seen a couple that really made me want to pick up the book NOW. How can that be bad?

Purists might have a beef with the idea, perhaps saying that it panders to our media-drunk society, and that people ought to read for reading’s sake–not because of a gimmick. But can we ignore where books are going? We are headed down a slippery slope towards enhanced ebooks–a combination of medias of which the printed word is only one part. And if reading is ultimately about storytelling (whether fiction or nonfiction) this can be a great thing, an exciting thing.

I love to get lost in a good book. And while I haven’t read an enhanced ebook, it sounds like a fun ride. It sounds like it might create a shortcut to getting lost. And everyone agrees that the floodgates are opening to ebooks of all flavors–good, bad, and downright awful. How will we know what’s worth buying? These ebooks won’t have passed through the gatekeepers of editors or agents.

Maybe book trailers will be one help in making those decisions.


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Dear Mr. Critique Guy,

When I agreed to exchange pages with you, I know I said I wanted an in-depth edit. I know I said I wanted you to be straight with me. I said that thing about not pulling your punches because I’m tough. I think I strutted a little at that point.

I’m used to hearing tough critiques because I’ve been a member of a writing group for years, okay? Week after week these people read my spew and give me thoughtful comments, whether to say “great” or “start over.”

These people should be sainted but I digress.

You come along and with a snap of your fingers you say my character needs to show his emotion more. Oh really. Whuttt, you can’t read my mind? And I can’t even tell you about it . . . I have to SHOW this stuff to you?

Mr. Critique Guy, you ask a lot, you know?


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It’s practically impossible to focus on writing when this kind of stuff is going on.

My #4 grandchild…and the first one in pink. #swoon

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