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Made by Ryan Woodward–one of my daughter’s mentors at BYU. This video has gone viral and no wonder.

It required over 200,000 drawings.

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Diagnosing my book:


One or more of the four elemental core competencies – concept, character, theme or story structure – must be exceptionally compelling, original and mind-blowing.  If all four are simply good, that probably isn’t enough to get you published, it merely blends you in the crowd.  Agents and publishers aren’t looking to add to the crowd, they’re looking for a home run to emerge from it.

And… both of the two execution-driven core competencies – scene execution and writing voice – need to be rendered at a professional level of excellence.  Doesn’t need to be John Updike, but it can’t have a amateur moment anywhere on the pages.

That’s the ante-in.  The bar you must reach.  Now that the clouds have parted, you can see how high it is and what it will take to get there.


Now to figure out how to write “mind-blowing.”

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