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First, I want to apologize for being lame and not mailing cards this year. We took some pictures a few weeks ago for that purpose, but they didn’t turn out fit to print. I’ll throw one up here:

Back row: Gama, Tricia, Danny, Art, Kenny,  Nefi, Rosalie, Joseph.

Front row: Chloe, Xavier, Shanna, Margot, Max. (Paul’s on a mission in Michigan)

2010! What a whirlwind. Our family faced hard challenges and shared many happy times. Perhaps our biggest challenge came in January, when Rosalie and Nefi’s firstborn, son Jonathan, came to bless our family but was only able to stay for one brief hour. How grateful we are for knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to know we will be with Jonathan again.

This year we had the joy of adding a son-in-law to the family when Tricia was married. We love Gama! And then the intense happy-sad of sending off a missionary: Paul, to the Lansing Michigan mission. So proud!

Margot was thrilled to receive word that her novel has been accepted for publication, tentatively scheduled for next summer–a long time dream coming true.

And now, if we may, we’d like to ask for your prayers. Rosalie and Nefi have another baby on the way now, and face the same complications as last time. Rosalie is under a great doctor’s care and will be on strict bed rest for the next couple of months at least. It’s in God’s hands now, and we’d be so grateful for your prayers in their behalf.

Our relationships with family and friends mean everything to us. Thank you so much.

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At my critique group this week, one of the members handed out the final pages of her novel for our opinion.

This is worthy of a hooray. She wrote the beginning, the middle, and the end of a book. Praiseworthy–and actually sort of unique. I mean, how many people dream of writing a novel? How many actually do it, all the way?

Now, she isn’t done working on it. She’s fiddling, tweaking, revising here and there. Still, she has a completed draft, and a darn good one. We took the time to pause and congratulate her for her accomplishment. After all, most authors these days receive precious little acknowledgment.

It’s all about the glory, right?

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